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About Us

Texas Cancer Centre draws its human resource from skilled and experienced medical and ancillary services professionals. The TCC senior management understands the need of a multidisciplinary medical team to offer holistic treatment and care to cancer patients.The TCC approach is therefore centred on:


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Samson W. Watta

Chief Pharmacist
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In Kenya cancer statistics are very depressing with an estimated annual incidence of 40,000 cases and an annual mortality rate of over 28,000. Cancer is now ranked the third killer disease in Kenya. Due to lack of awareness, most of the reported cancers are diagnosed at late stages (Stage 3 or 4), resulting in death as little can be done at this stage. Increasingly, younger Kenyans seem to be more affected by Cancer, unlike in the past, when it was considered a disease of the old. Early diagnosis and adequate treatment would reduce the mortality rates.

Our Journey

"Texas Cancer Centre was started in June 2010 to offer specialized cancer treatment services. Currently the centre offers laboratory and diagnostic procedures, cancer screening, prevention, treatment services and palliative care. Our facilities mainly provide chemotherapy and radiotherapy services. Owing to a constrained public sector health system, growing population, introduction of new and modern medical technologies and increased cancer awareness in Kenya the centre has expanded by opening its new branches in Mbagathi Way and Woodlands Road. We are soon opening a comprehensive and dedicated cancer treatment centre in Eldoret town by January 2017."