Elizabeth Wamaitha
June 22, 2018

I came from neighbouring Uganda,two years ago. I started having persistent daily headaches whose root cause took me about one-and-a-half-years to discover. So bad were the headaches that a friend advised me to go get a CT scan which showed I had a tumor in the head and was told to go to Kampala from Jinja.

In Kampala, doctors decided to do a biopsy which showed that the tumor was cancerous which had not spread. I got a referral to the Kampala Cancer Institute, where I kicked off my first of four sessions of chemotherapy.

When I completed my chemo, the doctors recommended radiotherapy which unfortunately I could not get as the machines had broken down, hence being referred to Nairobi.

At first, we had opted for a different hospital until friends recommended Texas Cancer Centre to us. From the time I came here, I have seen a lot of improvement and change in my body.