Who we are

Texas Cancer Centre was started in June 2010 to offer specialized cancer treatment services. TCC founders recognized the need of providing vital professional care for cancer patients, as quality care increases patients survival. Cancer is life changing as cancer diagnosis turn the life of families and patients upside down, therefore, at Texas Cancer Centre the care team have a responsibility to not only treat the ailment, but also the effectively address the patients' intense emotion. We have psychosocial oncology professionals that have the adequate training to assist you and your family at any time during the cancer experience. We assist you in learning to cope with the cancer diagnosis ensuring you feel less overwhelmed and more in control. We help you explore the meaning of your cancer experience, gather additional information concerning that type of cancer and talk you through important decision. Also, we assist you in managing tough emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, depression, and anxiety, as well as symptoms of pain and fatigue.

Although, having an accurate diagnosis and access to effective treatment is paramount, however, it is important to appreciate that simple acts of kindness play a vital role in counteracting negative emotions. This enables patients to enhance their outcomes experienced in the course of their journey. Medical care coupled with kindness results in faster wound healing, reduction in pain, blood pressure, anxiety, in addition to reduced hospital stays. For the past 8 years, Texas Care Centre has availed care to nearly 18,000 cancer patients using skilled oncology professionals and team members. In addition, Texas Cancer Centre applies highly advanced technologies to carry out chemotherapy and radiotherapy, thus ensuring patients have access to world class care.

Our Vision

To be a center of compassionate care

Our Mission

Our mission combines research, education, and focus on a clinical care through multidisciplinary approach